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Never mind the price – ask what the cost is?

EFCA would like to see a more effective, innovative and sustainable system for the awarding of construction projects, writes David Eades

Value, value, value – it is the key to any contract in any field, but in construction and in engineering, the question is what the best route to the best value is, when the word itself has become synonymous with “lowest price”.

In the world of consultant engineers, the need to raise the importance of lifecycle cost over simple cost of construction, has been recognised in the European Directive of 2014. The introduction of Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT), as the award criteria is called, offers a more enlightened approach to tendering and selecting a contract partner.

But the construction industry is still dominated by a feeling that the lowest tender will often win a contract, and this is the conundrum facing consulting engineers when public authorities, in part.. więcej w PDF.

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