Biuletyn EFCA

W numerze:

  1. EFCA Conference 2019 hosted by ACEI in Dublin
  2. 2019 EFCA General Assembly appoints Benoît Clocheret as President-Elect for the term 2019-2020 Spring 2019 EFCA Barometer: strong markets in Europe but also continuous challenges
  3. EFCA committed to contributing actively to the EU-Africa Alliance Transport Task Force on Connectivity DG DEVCO (International Cooperation and Development) values exchange with EFCA and Feaco
  4. EFCA guidelines to help project managers optimise the use of ISO 19650 EFCA publish second Future Trends Booklet
  5. EFCA propose changes to statistical classification NACE Rev. 2 Construction stakeholders call for a new EU Policy Framework
  6. EU public procurement law: what is the meaning of the proportionality principle? EFCA support European CEO Conference (London, 4-5 November 2019)
  7. EFCA agenda

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